Error: One ore more sentence is too long

If you received the following error after trying to rewrite content using's rewriter, that means that your sentences are too long.


One ore more sentence is too long.

In this article we will see why it happened and what you can do about it.

Even though we allow virtually any number of words or sentences to be processed using's rewriter, there is one constraint to keep in mind when using the tool whether it is the API or the web interface.
The maximum word count per sentence is approximately 50 words or 320 characters.

Why such limit?

In correct english, a sentence should be at most 25 words or 50 with a stretch, therefore, when processing text, takes that in consideration. Besides that, it helps avoiding run-on sentences that can make the text unintelligible.

What should you do?

Make sure to shrink text to keep it under 320 characters, you can use's summarizer to achieve that.