How to choose a rewriting mode offers three different ways of rewriting content.

In this blog post, we've explained how we train our model to perform adequately in rewriting and avoiding plagiarism, too.


The normal mode allows for simple rephrasing, with word changing.


The standard mode allows a relatively simple rephrasing with sentence structure changes, while keeping the context of the input. This is great for bypassing certain plagiarism checkers.


The fluent mode allows for more subtle rephrasing, with more sophisticated words. This is good for rewriting scientific or technical content.


Creative content is great when rewriting blog posts or other work that may require less precision, but more freedom for the A.I to make suggestions.


Be careful when using the creative mode in automated system with the API, as it may change figures (i.e: 100 million can become 10 million, etc..)

Check out the Rewriter's REST API.